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Counterflow Coarse Screen

simple, reliable and well established

The GSR Counterflow Coarse Screen, which has proved its worth for many decades, is designed for the most efficient and reliable removal of course materials before they reach sensitive parts of the system, with a gap width of 15 mm (e.g. before reaching pumping stations, rainwater reservoir inlets or fine schreens that receive substantial volumens), thus providing good protection for any subsequent componentry.

The screens built from stainless steel can be designed for gap widths from 15 to 150 mm. Also in the case of large channel widths of up to 2.5 m and channel depths of up to 8 m, the Counterflow Coarse Screen GSR does an excellent job. The advantage of a submersible screen grid makes this technology ideally suited for applications in emergency bypass channels or in channels without a constructional bypass option.

The operational reliability and robustness - also in outdoor installations - speak for this screen.

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