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Cylindrical Grit Separator / Compact Unit WS

Our All-Rounder

The W + F Cylindrical Grit Separator/Compact Unit WS offers the complete range of mechanical pre-cleaning, screenings removal and treatment as well as grit and fast removal in one unit.

Saving up to 50% of the space required by conventional compact units and with the same grit separation performance as well as a significantly enhanced operational accessibility. The separation efficiency of up tp 95% has been demonstrated for a grit size dwon to 0.2 mm. On account of the Flat Fine Screen with integrated Screeings Was Press and the efficient fat and scum separation used in this unit it is an extremely low-maintenance and low-wear system. The separator does not require a separate belt scraper for fat and floating matter. The Cylindrical Grit Separator/Compact Unit WS distinguishes itself from other designs by its reduced power consumption resulting from the lower inflow height when using feed pumps and the lower air injection depth of the grit separator aeration, among other features.

Another advantage compared to conventional units are the reduced construction costs. The Cylindrical Grit Separator/Compact Unit WS normally represents the most economical solution for mechanical pre-cleaning. The waste water feed entering the grit separator tangentially from the screen grid starts the desired spiral flow which additionally is supported by a bubble aeration along the whole cylindrical tank. This optimized spiral flow significantly improves the separation efficiency and leads to shorter girt separators. This was already proven decades ago, both scientifically and operationally.

The Cylindrichal Grit Separator/Compact Unit WS can be delivered with an integrated, automatically responding emergency bypass.

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